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Developed with ease of use and stealth in mind, the TroutScout strike indicator is without question the best strike indicator available. With a shape that minimizes its presence in the water, directional functionality, and a proprietary snap feature that allows for quick and convenient attachment, the TroutScout is the only strike indicator you'll ever need. And it's the only one you will ever want.

  • Natural Stealth Design

  • No Line Kink

  • Aerodynamic Cast

  • High Visability

  • Easy on, Easy off

  • Natural Stealth and Hi-Viz Colors

  • Directional Functionality

  • Made in the USA


Simplify your setup - maximize time on the water

“Quick and easy.” You’ve heard that saying before when it’s come to other everyday tasks in your life. And fishing is an everyday task (or at least it should be). So why shouldn’t our nymphing setup (and depth changes) utilize the same principle? Now they can.

The TroutScout Strike Indicator’s proprietary and one-of-a-kind clip design allows for quick and easy setups when fishing sub-surface. Initial setup is easy - just place the line in the hinge (long end of indicator toward your fly), and snap the indicator shut. Should you need to change depths due to changes in river current speed or your location, just squeeze the indicator open and move it. It’s that easy. And we guarantee it will take you less time than any other indicator available.

Quick - Less time worrying with setup and more time fishing.

Easy - No more frustrating knots, loops, adhesive and headache.

Pick up a five-pack today and try one for yourself. We are confident the Trout Scout Strike Indicator will quickly become a staple in you box.