How do I attach the indicator to my leader or tippet?

The best way to use the TroutScout Strike Indicator it to clip it to your leader or tippet with the long end facing toward your fly. When used in this manner, the indicator will not only signal your strikes, but will also provide you with a sense of where your fly is located subsurface. Get the drift?


What is your Return policy?

If you don't like it, contact us, and we will make it right. Our goal is to ensure you are happy using the best indicator on the water.


Are your Indicators gluten free?

Yes. But only for fish. No human consumption is recommended.


How do I order wholesale?

If you're interested in a wholesale order please contact us to become a TroutScout dealer.


Who helped with TroutScout?

We worked with our strategic partners Loophole and ThinktoMake in Denver, Colorado.

Do you have More than one size?

We currently only offer one size, but we are working to have multiple sizes available soon. The size currently offered has proven to work well in any nymphing situation.  We have customers all over the country fishing different types of water from fast and riffled to slow and flat - and everyone has great things to say. The most common praise we hear —- The ability to see subtle strikes you never seen before!